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Support Group


Whole Parent Foundation is a growing group of parents who have big plans for Kansas City. We know mental health isn't only about mental health: It's also about making sure parents have access to a safe space, a community that supports them, healthy foods, childcare, and other supports. It's about knowing you'll be taken care of, too. 

Check out our parent support group that runs throughout the year!

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What we've done

In May 2022, Kansas City, Missouri, Mayor Quinton Lucas signed a proclamation written by Whole Parent Foundation that deemed May Maternal Mental Health Awareness Month. The proclamation was renewed in April 2023.

We hope this proclamation is a symbol of validation to Kansas City parents and a sign that Kansas City is moving toward more support for parents and caregivers. 


It begins: 

WHEREAS, over 106,000 babies are born in Kansas and Missouri combined each year and the maternal health and, more specifically, the mental health of women before, during, and after pregnancy is an issue of great concern to women and their families and is, therefore, of interest to Kansas City; and ...

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