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We, at Whole Parent Foundation, value inclusion, diversity, equity, and accessibility (I.D.E.A.).

We take actionable steps toward honoring these concepts. We believe every parent and caregiver—regardless of race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender, age, or ability—deserves accessible, culturally humble, compassionate mental health care. We do not make assumptions about parents who participate in our programming; rather, our approach is person-centered and person-led, allowing the person to feel in control of their own care. We are also committed to trauma-informed support, knowing that many of the parents who participate in our programming have experienced multifaceted discrimination. We seek to provide our participants with wraparound care, including referrals for physical needs, such as housing and food assistance.

All Hands In

In our media, we aim to represent the largest variety of family types. In our service, we aim to connect our participants with therapists who share and honor their respective identity(ies) and background(s). Our meetings are held in accessible spaces, centrally located, with validated parking, and free childcare to reduce barriers to access.

Our approach to IDEA is proactive. However, we know more can always be done. That is why, through ongoing education and personal growth, we strive to accommodate, advocate, and support our families for years to come.

Gay Family
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